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Kids Choi Kwang Do

Kids Choi Kwang Do

At Harper Choi Kwang Do, our children's classes are primarily focused on developing the character of your child. We aim to instil in them a very strong sense of 'right & wrong', respect for all, non-violent conflict resolution and an overpowering sense of love for their community. Working in this way we aim to produce fine model citizens, who will have not only learn how to effectively defend themselves physically should they need to, but will first seek to avoid conflict altogether and resolve their differences in a peaceful, non-violent manner.

We achieve this through fun, original and imaginative training methods. Over the many years of teaching, we have found that our students excel well, even when they are under pressure of school exams or from their peers. Choi Kwang Do is a non competitive martial art, meaning that the students in our school do not have to enter sparring competitions to be considered 'great', by eliminating the competition against each other aspect, they in turn make themselves their own competition, we have found that the children actually perform far better, not only do they progress well within the martial arts, but with their academic studies too.

Recent research into this was carried out by Master Keith Banfield, which revealed that the teenagers who had studied Choi Kwang Do, actually improved their school grades.

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