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Dohl Classes 18/19

Dohl Classes 18/19

At London School of Dhol we offer classes for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional levels. Organised and managed by The DHOL Company, London School of Dhol promises to deliver a high level of teaching in a structured, professional and welcoming environment. We follow a scripted syllabus with all of our students which covers a wide range of traditional and western style beats.

We have multiple rooms to accommodate students at different levels and involving them in large and small group sessions and we have dedicated rooms for one to one teaching.

We teach students how to count music, play in rhythm and timing. Our students are examined and assessed throughout their time in the school to ensure they are making progress while also enabling the tutors to identify areas which require further attention.
We apply a grading system, whereby students are examined at the end of each grade to assess whether we feel they are ready to move onto the next level.

Once a level is completed we take our students through an intense training session to help build stamina, power and prepare them to become a performer. Our classes are held on weekdays and weekends to give everyone with other commitments an opportunity to be a part of the Dhol School.

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